Discover the allure of our assorted hand-carved stools crafted from Blue Gum wood. Each piece is a testament to artisanal craftsmanship, showcasing intricate designs and the natural elegance of the wood grain. These versatile stools add a touch of rustic charm and functionality to any space, creating an inviting ambiance.


  • Height 40-50cm
  • Diameter 40-50cm

Wood – Blue Gum

The occurrence of cracks in natural wood due to climate changes is a natural and inherent aspect of their character. Wood, being a living material, responds to variations in humidity and temperature by expanding and contracting. These natural movements can result in cracks over time, contributing to the unique and individual character of each stool. Rather than being perceived as a flaw, these cracks should be embraced as a testament to the organic nature of wood, adding a touch of authenticity and charm to the furniture piece.

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