Nyami Nyami is the Mystical River god that is believed to have lived and controlled the Zambezi River. These artistic baskets are crafted from palm leaves (Malala) – Wild twigs (Nsamu) – and creeping vines(tende) which are used for both the weft and the warp of the weaving.

Some of these baskets have a wire armature which, during their creation develop bumps and bends along the way which the weavers do not straighten, thereby giving the finished product its organic shape.  Patterns vary and are unique to each basket.

Each of them has been painstakingly woven by hand by artisans in Zambia. 

Material: Hand-woven palm leaves, Wild twigs and creeping vines


  • Small – H 25-29cm; 9.8″-11.4″ x Diameter 31-49cm;12.2″-19.2″
  • Medium – H 30-40cm; 11.8″-15.7″ x Diameter 50-60cm; 19.6″-23.6″
  • Large – H 35-45cm; 13.7″-17.7″ x Diameter 61-80cm; 24″-31.4″
  • X-Large – H 45-54cm; 17.7″-21.2″ x Diameter 101-105cm; 39.7″-41.3″